Tuesday, September 7, 2010

People vs Wildlife...

Over the years while out watching and photographing wildlife I have seen all kinds of stupid things that people can do. One of the questions I get asked is why do you wear camo in some of the areas when the animals are acclimated to people. That is simple so the people do not see me. Unfortunately I have not always photographed all the stupid things I have seen but I have started to. These particular two incidents occurred last year at SNP during the whitetail rut. In the first photo this woman walked a distance out through the big meadow with her dog to photograph this deer. That is right she had no concern for the other photographers that were keeping a distance and trying to get a natural photo. In the second one this guy chased this buck down to get the photo he wanted, I guess the bigger lens on his camera was not big enough. I have seen women walk up to sleeping Elk and shoot flash photos in their faces, kids and adults trying to pet the deer and people walking up to Buffalo's. But the worst was when the guy with the disposable camera walked hundreds of yards in front of dozens of photographers to get between two mature male moose during the rut to take a photo and then walk along with them the entire time keeping anyone else from getting a shot. Some people just deserve to get gored and when they do I hope I get the photo. With the approaching season I should see many more stupid things but this time I plan on photographing them.

Do you think these people don't know that wild animals have killed and cripples people? Some of these places the wildlife is acclimated to people but do they not realize that the first part of wild animal is WILD? Some people just do not get it.

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wefr15 said...


You know it is the me generation! What is in it for ME the hell with everyone else. We have a certian A**hole who does the same thing at fire scenes! He walks up in front of us with his cheap point and shot and takes a picture and then stands there blocking the shots.

Keep taking pictures of these idiots and hopefully you will get some great shots for "When Humans do Stupid Stuff".

Cincy Bill