Monday, September 27, 2010

Nevada Big Horns...

These are not the best of photographs, taken around noon in bright sun and 100+ degree heat but with my track record when it comes to big horn sheep I snapped away. I have gone many places where big horn sheep exist, Glacier, Yellowstone, Alaska and just don't have the luck. I have photographed a few before but never a large ram. These were taken during our recent vacation out west. We found these three near the visitors center at the Valley of Fire State park in Nevada. I think Shane got some better ones as I gave him my bigger lens to use when the ram approached us closer and seemed to pose for photogrpahs.


Sparky said...

Nice pictures.

Haney said...

Hey, you found a big horn sheep to stand still for you finally. Like the second one.

joco said...

Hiya Brad,
Just graduated to a D300 and I have beens struggling all week. Prime 35 as my beginner's lens. Very restful not to zoom actually.
I've been following your photographs and trying to glean as much as I can. What lens did you use for these, and your son?
How nice to share a hobby like that. He has a head start with you around.

Do the big-horned sheep have a usable fleece? They don't look as if they ahve much in common with regular sheep.

Brad Myers said...

Thanks guys.

Joco, I used the 70-200 vr f2.8 for these. That is my favorite lens. Thanks for looking and I published your comments on the other posts. I do not think they have a usable coat but I am not sure.