Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Wildlife...

I will get back to posting other things soon but I have been enjoying looking back over the wildlife files so you get it again today. With the upcoming season I hope to reload the hard drive with many more new whitetail and Elk photos and if I am lucky maybe a bear or two and some small game. These were taken this June in Elk County the two calves were one of the few that turned out well, there was seven in the herd but with the low light the shutter speeds were slow enough that any movement created a blurry photograph. This young bull should do some bugling this year but I doubt he will compete for any cows for another couple of years. Hopefully he will be spared by hunters and grow up to be a major player.

Please visit Shane's blog today for a new post. If you have not been there for some time he has posted some pretty neat baseball photos lately.

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Sparky said...

Like the pictures, keep up the great job.