Monday, November 14, 2011

SNP Whitetail Rut 2011...

Last week I spent Sunday afternoon through Thursday morning in Shenandoah National Park photographing the whitetail rut.  Like photographing the Elk rut in Pa. I find that I enjoy the company of the great people just as much as I do the wildlife experience.  Most of the gang was there like Willard, Coy, Henry, Carl and their wives, Billy, Jim and others that I have met in recent years including new friends that were made. 

This year may have been my best year yet photographing the whitetails during the rut.  I photographed many bucks from big to small, numerous sparring matches, tree rubs, breeding, blue birds, red shoulder hawks and my best silhouette yet. 

I feel I didn't start with any of my better photos but this was one encounter I had with this buck mid day.  This nice 5 by 5 had this one doe to look over and he did a fine job of it.  I think I photographed him in August when he was in velvet I just need to look over the files to see.  Between this trip and numerous others I have plenty to post, now if I can just get myself to set here and do it. 

Once again I want to thank all the great people I spent time with for helping to make these trips so much more enjoyable.


Sparky said...

Welcome back Brad. Just want to say these are some great photos. If you say you have better. I can't wait. Looking forward to see them.

Haney said...

Awesome shots, Bradley. One of these years I will join you. I need to take my 70-200 out for a walk in the woods and see how it work, since it has seen it's last soccer field.

Willard said...

I enjoyed both Shenandoah posts, Brad. This was a much better fall at SNP than we have seen for years in my opinion. It reminds me more of my early years there. I think it is good too that we have established a wide circle of friends that go there each year to photograph the whitetails and socialize. Coy and I remarked that it seems we are getting more and more of the same groups, both at Benezette and SNP, which is a good thing.

I think that it is sad that SNP and Cades Cove in the Smokies are the only places that have exceptional public lands deer photography in the east as far as I know.