Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Am Back...

A few of you were aware of my recent travels bust most of you did not know that I have been gone the last week or so. I am finishing up my last tour of vacation for the year and what a time to take off. The phone still rang to let me know that the Mayor called us the nastiest group of men she ever worked with (funny thing is she never worked with us), the we were not going to get paid last Wednesday (we did but for firefighters this is the second pay in a row that we have not been paid for all of the hours we work) and then that the city is going to hire a bankrupt attorney and that they are going Act 47 distressed city. Can I get a few more decades off, please?

Anyways the time off was great, first up was heading to Elk County for the elk rut. This was my second year to do the elk rut here in Pennsylvania and even thought this years was nothing like last years I still think it is much better than out west. I think a couple of the reasons for the rut being slow was because is was very warm last week and as luck would have it many of the days it rained. Friday morning was my last day there and the rut seemed to be in full swing for the first time when I was there, I think I shot more photos that day than all week. I would have loved to stay longer with the temperatures down but I needed to get home to go to Boy Scout camp. With all the tourist that come in over the weekends up there I guess it was for the best that I was leaving. Yes I mentioned Boy Scout camp, I got home Friday afternoon unloaded the truck got ready and reloaded the truck to head to Wizard Safari along with Troop 180 and 3,000 other boys. It was a fun weekend and the boys had a great time but it sure was great to get home and sleep in my own bed for a change. You can expect to see more of the rut soon along with some of the great people I got to spend time with. Every year I make more friends while I am there and I can't wait for next years already. A couple more days of this vacation and it will be back to work.

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Sparky said...

Welcome back to the real world. It sounds like you had a real good time. Looking forward to seeing the new photos.