Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hershey Bears Hockey...

This is a post I didn't think I would make this year, Hershey Bears hockey. At the last moment before Saturday nights home opener I found out that the Giant Center was allowing people to bring in cameras to record the banner ceremony for the teams 11TH Calder Cup championship. I won't bore any of you with names of many of the players pictured here since hockey photos don't seem to be a big draw with my viewers and I almost didn't post them for that reason but then I remembered that I am doing this blog for fun and this is fun for me. Keep in mind while looking at these photos that I set in row four so I need to shoot through the glass and I don't think they have cleaned it this century. The first photo is the Bears goalies during the opening ceremonies followed by goalie Braden Holtby showing off his championship ring. The fourth photo is Micheal Nylander a former NHL all star on loan to the Rochester team from the Washington Capitols. In the last photograph if you look near the bottom of the left pipe you can see some black after the puck crossed the goal line for Rochester's first goal. By the way we lost the home opener 3-2.

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Sparky said...

really like the first and second photos. As for the glass just bring a bottle of glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels next time. Ha Ha

Bobshank said...

Hi Brad! Your first photo is flat out awesome! Could you provide a few details on how you got that shot--shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc? I believe that photograph is worthy of a spot in Sports Illustrated!

Brad Myers said...

Thanks guys. Sparky it is more than cleaning, the glass is numbered so it is always in the same spot, there is the same puck marks in front of us that have been there since we got these seats, and I think this is our 6th year in these.

Bob, the photo came out as I had planned, that does not happen often. These were shot through the glass also reducing light and acting as a dirty sensor. I was shooting ISO 640, 1/100 at f3.2 with the 70-200 VR 2.8 lens hand held. I metered off the faces and I use custom white balance for the hockey shots. The arena is set up for photographers that they want. The ceiling has strobes and their photographers have sending units on the hot shoes. If you shoot the same time they do is changes everything.

I also like the photo and plan on printing a 8X10 and having the two goalies sign it.

Wolfy said...

Brad - this is my first time seeing your site, but I'm a ex-Central PA'er (Lebanon) who is an outdoor fanatic. I just launched the Outdoor Blogger Network and I'm looking for good, active wildlife photography blogs - yours certainly fits the bill.

email me if you'd like to learn more.


Coy said...

Not being a big sports fan I seldom comment on sports pics but I must say your first shot is stunning!!

Tracy P. said...

Brad -

Sitting on the opposite side of the ice, we couldn't get any good pictures (unless we wanted pics of their backs). Can we buy a copy of the pic of Holtby and Sabourin?

-- Tracy & Wayne

Brad Myers said...

Thanks everyone, it is not often a photograph comes out as I planned it. I guess sometimes a blind squirrel reallhy does find an acorn, LOL.

Tracy, you know Giant Center rules prohibit me from selling any photographs taken during a game. Send me an email, Brad.