Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bull 8A Was The Center Of Attention...

This is bull 8A with a cow. During my trip north he was the center of attention for many in the Dewey Road area. I had the chance to photographs and video tape this bull many times. I photographed him in a fight and earlier that same morning I video taped him fighting, a day later I photographed him while he and another bull were posturing but never actually fought. They did put on a good show for us. Lets just hope he makes it through the hunting season as he spent most of his time just outside hunt zone 2. Last year the two bulls I spent most of my time with were killed the first two days of the season, those two like this one are very acclimated to people and would not put up a fare chase hunt.

Please visit Shane's blog today for a new photo.


Coy said...

Even though 8a was the most common bull during our trip I didn't get any shots of him that really suited me. This shot is by far the best I have seen of him!

Bobshank said...

Hi Brad! Coy's comment encouraged me to go back and look at my photographs from September's trip. I found three decent photos of 8A that I will post tomorrow in my blog. he sure is one incredible bull!

By the way, could you send me your email address? I have a question for you and would like to chat with you directly. My email address is Thanks!