Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Elk Fight Video...

The majority of the time when the action was taking place in elk country it was to early or to late to photograph the wildlife unless one wanted to crank up the ISO way beyond what is usable. When those times occurred I used the Nikon D90 to take video of the action. This time I remembered to put my glasses on since focusing is manual but even with the glasses it is not easy to operate the focusing ring some distance away on the 200-400 VR F4 lens and look at the LCD. I also found that unless the action stays in the same focal plane and does not get get closer of further away it is easier to maintain the focus. Even with the glasses most of my videos were not sharp, I guess I need allot more practice. The other issue with videoing is to keep the VR turned off so it can not be heard in the audio on playback, I managed to do that the entire trip except for the last day when most of the videos were shot with it turned on hence the annoying sound in this video, turn up your volume to hear the bugling of the bulls and crashing of the antlers.

This fight video last 24 seconds, I have more footage from it but it is to large to upload to blogger and at present I am unable to edit footage for use. This was taken the last morning there and shows two mature bulls competing for cows, note the other bull on the hill behind them at the beginning of the video, he moves closer when another comes of the hill. When this video was shot there was at least five mature bulls a rag horn and two spikes in the same area along with the many cows and calves.

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Willard said...

That was some morning, Brad. Even though the best action occurred when it was still to dark for best quality photos or video, it will still stand out in my mind as one of the best mornings ever because of the amount of bugling. Most of my video of the great action was too noisy to use in a production and of course once the light got better most of the action was over.