Monday, March 16, 2009

My First Spring Robin...

I hope everyone had a great weekend, ours was short here. Between not getting off work until Saturday morning, the Bears being home Saturday and Sunday and Shane having bowling both Saturday and Sunday mornings, Sunday being in Lebanon it was a short hectic one as usual. We still had fun and I now have the next two days at home alone.

I even found a few minutes to get out Saturday between bowling and hockey and boy was it productive. First I came across another muskrat that provided me with some pretty good photos, then I finally caught a hawk I could photograph. I think it was a coopers hawk but I am not sure, he was sitting on a rabbit he killed eating his breakfast. More on both of those later. And last but not least all the robins I have been hearing about and not seeing, well as I was pulling into my driveway there he was, my FIRST SPRING PA. ROBIN.


Leedra said...

If you have robins then surely Tennessee is fixing to have spring.

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Ken Conger Photography said...

Great shot Brad. Like the level shooting position. Looking forward to the hawk photo.

Reference your question. I did pass the EMT-B test and practical. Once I began the waterfowl position it precluded me from devoting free time to a squad. Once I finish up with the temp job will consider volunteering if I don't end up in Alaska. Thx for asking.

Blue Skies.

Ivar Ivrig said...

I can see that you are at the bird´s level. Great. As Ken says, I am looking forward to see the hawk :-)

The Tile Lady said...

Very nice robin! Yay, spring is on its way!