Monday, March 23, 2009

It Was A Good Day...

I mentioned last Monday about getting a chance between activities to get out and do some shooting. I don't always have allot of luck, but this was a good afternoon getting many keepers of a robin, the hawk and more muskrats. I had never seen a muskrat in the wild until last fall and I didn't know what I seen then until I was told, since then I have seen them four times and I have not even checked out the area my wife seen them in. This guy was all alone, he knew I was their but as long as I was still he wasn't effected by me much. After reading some of the other wildlife photographers blogs I consider myself very lucky to have the frequent encounters with these animals that I have had.


kjpweb said...

Pretty cool shots! Would like to get me one of them! :)
By the way - the little critter in the previous post is a Green Anole.
Unfortunately they are getting endangered by a more aggressive kind - the Cuban brown Anole.
Cheers, Klaus

Ivar Ivrig said...

Nice shots og a cute fellow. Yes you are right, this wildlife photo is very exciting.
Keep up the good work, Brad :-)

Leedra said...

Nice shots, he looks like he is blesssing his food in the first photo.

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nessabates said...

yeah he does look like he is praying great shots as always :)

bettyl said...

Very cool find! Your pictures are lovely!

Salty said...

Brad, you are somekind of lucky!

I've been chasing these little guys around since last summer and have yet to get a real "keeper" shot while you have had two great sessions with them this winter!