Monday, October 1, 2007

More Elk

More Yellowstone Elk during the rut. My comments will start getting shorter for some of the wildlife, or I will have to start repeating myself.

This bull and his herd was shot September 24, 2006 on Dunraven Pass in Yellowstone. We spotted them high atop this mountain and set off on foot to photograph them. I guess we were the only ones that wanted the shot bad enough because there were plenty of people around but no one followed us. For me the climb was worth it to get the beautiful blue sky behind the elk.

1 comment:

Brian Bastinelli said...

Nice shot. I looked for those guys up there this year.

Last week you could hear them up there but they were below the road in the heavy timber.

Im hopin the bears and the elk are a little more active now that it is cold up there.

We'll see...