Thursday, October 11, 2007

More EBT

Today's post is a few more photographs from the EBT's fall spectacular before I move on. Sorry but I don't have any information on the two motorized pieces pictured above.

Trolley Car 172 was built in Oporto, Portugal in 1929, although it looks very similar to cars that operated in the United States around 1900. Oporto built a large fleet of these cars in their shops. Car 172 has an attractive interior, with very ornate carved wood trim , fancy brass fittings, and sliding end doors. It also has a unique seating arrangement, with two seats on one side and one seat on the other, made necessary by the narrow twisting streets of Oporto.

Car 172 came across the Atlantic Ocean in 1967. Both cars were trucked aboard highway trailers from Philadelphia to the Rockhill Trolley museum. While several other US museums and groups have acquired cars from Oporto, the Rockhill Trolley museum was the first to import cars from that city. Car 172 was in operating condition upon arrival at the museum and was placed in passenger operations immediately. Its four wheels give a bouncy ride, as frequently parodied in the Toonerville Trolley films. The body of 172 has been restored in the Buehler Shop.

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ebtrr said...

The red truck is 1926 Dodge Brothers truck. It is a replica of East Broad Top Transit Company delivery truck #2 that was destroyed in a 1933 fire that destroyed the transit company garage and the EBTRR's Paint Shop. This replica is the same year and model and is fully drivable.

The green truck is the original East Broad Top Railroad delivery truck #4, in storage since the railroad closed as a common carrier in 1956. It is ca. 1950 Chevrolet and does not currently run.