Saturday, October 20, 2007

Baltimore Orioles

August 11, 2007, Brian Roberts slides into second base as Julio Lugo jumps to avoid him after throwing to first base to complete a double play. Yes the Orioles lost this game, why should it have been any different than most of their other games. Next year there will be another new season maybe the Birds will get better and maybe we will be able to go to Camden Yards and have as many fans as our opponents.

It used to be after a bad baseball season I could look forward to football and hockey seasons starting and getting a few wins, NOT. In football the Irish and Dolphins are a combined 1-12, the Hershey Bears are 0-3 in last place, the Caps started out 3-0 but have since dropped there last three games and Dale Earnhardt Jr. did not make the chase for the cup and has still stunk every week. I really need to give up or find something new to watch.

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