Friday, November 5, 2010

Sparring Whitetail Videos...



Today like yesterday I am taking the easy route and posting two videos. These were taken in early October in Shenandoah National Park early one morning with the Nikon D90. There was a bachelor group of five bucks all nice ranging from eight to 10 points. Unfortunately it was to early to photograph without setting the ISO high but it was just right for videos. The five sparred for sometime often breaking it off to spar with another buck. It was a thrill to watch. The first video last 31 seconds and the second last 30 seconds, if you turn up the volume you will hear their antlers coming together and the wind blowing, in the second video you hear a car go by as I was not far from the road.

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HANNIBAL said...

What an opportunity to get to see this! And to stay with a group of 5 and watch without disrupting them is awesome! Great videos Brad!