Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home From The Whitetail Rut...

These photographs were taken in early October when I visited SNP, not during my recent trip. Very soon you will be seeing new photos from the park as I just got home today from shooting the whitetail rut. I left last Saturday but unfortunately I can't tell you any more about the trip because this is a scheduled post and you may be reading it before I even got home. It is back to work tonight and I am hoping for a slow night so I can get a few photos ready for posting. Here is hoping I got some good shots. With this trip over the best part of my fall wildlife photography has ended. I will still make a couple more trips to photograph the eagles at Conowingo Dam, birds at Middle Creek and locally, elk and deer in the snow but it just isn't the same.

Please visit Shane's blog today for a new post.

Update, I am home now and have added four new links for wildlife photography. All of these people I have net while out photographing and one, Larry's I have shot with in SNP each of the last two months. He is a retired firefighter from Virginia. Check them out there is some great wildlife photography there. Next week I will start to post some of the whitetail photographs I got while away over the last week.


Sparky said...

Welcome back. Really like the first picture. Hope you had a nice time. Did you get my message?

Brad Myers said...

Sparky, I got your message and will give you a call.

I am back now coming home early, arriving on Wednesday and not Thursday afternoon. I didn't want to take a chance and be late for work and it was time for some rest. Next week I will start posts from the whitetail rut.

Looking back over my recent post I noticed many typos and errors, I guess making 10 to 15 posts at a time takes its toll.

I will be catching up on everyones blog so be patient.


Bobshank said...

Sounds like you a great time at SNP. I am so sorry I couldn't join you there this time. When do you go to Conowingo Dam for the eagles? Maybe if things work out I could hook up with you then. Like you, I can never get enough wildlife photography!