Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Same Buck Different Lighting...

This is the same buck as yesterdays second photograph but in a different lighting. Once again I tried to incorporate some of the environment but not as much. With this crop the emphasis is still on the buck but he does not fill the entire frame, I have left him with a sense of space and a place to look and walk to. The lighting is also much different than those of yesterday, this photograph was taken early in the morning when the sun was barely up. One can tell just how low the sun is by looking at the shadows from one antler onto the other. At this time of the morning in the Big Meadows often times the images take on a golden yellow to reddish color lighting. This is not something that is just captured on memory cards but is plainly visible to the eye when there. The one thing you will note from my trips is that you will see many of the same animal in different poses and actions. When working a small area you see the same bucks and does or bulls and cows everyday.

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