Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eastern Phoebe...

The most familiar flycatcher in eastern North America, the Eastern Phoebe nests near people on buildings and bridges. It can be recognized by its emphatic "phee-bee" call and its habit of constantly wagging it tail.

In 1804, the Eastern Phoebe became the first banded bird in North America. John James Audubon attached silvered thread to an Eastern Phoebe's leg to track its return in successive years.

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HANNIBAL said...

Great shot of the Phoebe! But, where is it's tail? Excellent bokeh too! Love love love your header Brad!

Coy said...

Excellent shot Brad! Even down to capturing a flycatcher with an insect in its beak!

Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately but I have been visiting. I've kept very busy lately with the longer hours of daylight and so very much going on this time of year. My internet service has been spotty also for the last week or so but it looks like the phone co. has finally got it fixed.

I agree with Hannibal, your new header is incredible!!!

Sparky said...

Today is Wednesday and I just noticed your new header. Think it is great. Was wait for Wednesday blog, that's Ok I will just comment here. Great site, keep up the hard work.