Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue Heron And Chick...

More from my spring Florida trip, these were taken at Viera Wetlands. This Blue Heron and chick were nesting in a tree in one of the ponds. This was the best chance I had to photograph a heron chick in the last two years. Unfortunately my best video found the delete button, just because it makes a good vertical photograph does not mean it will make a good vertical video. Yes that is right I video tapped the heron and chick vertically. After downloading the card and viewing the video it donned on me that the video will be displayed horizontally. I never claimed to be the brightest candle on the cake. The video last 20 seconds and shows the adult fixing the nest while the chick moves about.

Since I do not post on the weekends and I skipped yesterday this is a couple of days late BUT, Happy Birthday Shane. On Sunday June 13TH Shane turned 14 years old, he is out of middle school and will be going to High School next year. My how time flies. I think he had a good birthday and I feel certain he liked his gifts. Speaking of Shane's don't forget to visit his blog today for a new post.


Sparky said...

Happy Birthday Shane. And for Brad and Linda, two more years and he will be driving. FUN Yes the video dosen't move with the camera. I found that out a couple of years ago. Had a real good video, but had to watch it side ways. Made me mad.

Tracy said...

Happy birthday Shane! I'll keep an eye on him in the big high school for you :)

And will we be seeing some Calder Cup pics soon? We decided to chance it and take our camera on Monday (figuring we'd take it back to the car if we were told we couldn't have take it in with us). Instead, we walked right in with it, no problems and no questions asked.

-- Tracy

HANNIBAL said...

Nice! I've yet to find a close enough nest for chick-viewing! lucky!