Thursday, June 10, 2010

Black-crowned Night-Heron

This is the Black-crowned Night Heron I photographed the same day as the Yellow-crowned Night Heron. For as much time as I spend at Wildwood Lake I had never seen this bird there. After photographing the Yellow-crowned I thought I would make a quick trip around Wildwood lake in search of a few more photographs, I guess I made the right decision for a change. I wasn't far from the truck when I spotted this bird on a log. He allowed me the chance to set up the tripod and get some photos.

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Jeff Sullivan said...

I do not recall having ever seen a Black crowned Night Heron in the south. Is it indigenous to south Florida? A really cool looking eye.

Willard said...

You are getting a lot of super bird photos, Brad.

I read your post last week about it seemed as though no one was reading and meant to comment later, but I never got around to it last week. I know the feeling as it seems my readership drops daily. I have really slacked off on the posting too.

You had mentioned about sending an e-mail soon,but if you did something happened to it and I didn't receive it.

I am not sure which weeks yet, but I do plan to go to elk county once in July and once in August. I went to Big Meadows Tuesday morning and didn't see a lot except for does, some small bucks, and beautiful scenery. (Only saw one fawn, and I didn't get anything good of it)

Brad Myers said...

Jeff, I photographed the Black Crowned right here in Pa close to home. This bird is in most of the U.S. Florida nd your area they are year round, in my area they are summer breeding and migration. I know others that have seen him at the lake I photographed him at but I just never had the luck until recently. It was a great morning as I photographed my first Black-crowned and Yellow-crowned night herons the same morning at different locations. Now to try and get better Yellow-crowned photos.

I have had you and your area in my thoughts, as a wildlife lover I am more than furious over the situation. And it goes farther with peoples jobs and lives.

Willard, thanks I got side tracked, mesage coming at you now.

HANNIBAL said...

What a great scene for this BCNight Heron to be photographed! And tolerated the tripod...Wow! Nice work brad!