Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Armed Forces Day 2010...

This past Saturday was Armed Forces Day and once again my son and I attended the event at the Army Heritage Center in Carlisle. All aspects of American and the military were present from the French and Indian war to the Civil War, Revolutionary, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam. This has been a favorite event for Shane and I the last four years and we always look forward to it. This year Woody met us again to take in some history and capture a few photographs. The local paper claimed it was there biggest event yet but Shane and I didn't feel that there was as many living historians this year. In today's two photographs WW2 American soldiers spend time in their fox hole while a German soldier looks on. Now we can't wait until June to attend the big event in Reading.

Please do not forget to thank our veterans, it does not need to be Armed Forces Day or Veteran's Day to thank and remember our veteran's. They protect this great country every day not just on those holiday. Thank you veteran's.

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Woody said...

I love the top photo! That came out great! Well done Brad..