Friday, August 21, 2009

A Week Away...

We are back from a great father and son adventure to Northern Pennsylvania. I do not like to post when I will be away until I get back to keep the rest of my family and home safe, but Shane and I just returned Thursday afternoon from Benezette, Pa. where we went to photograph the Elk and meet up with Willard Hill of the Pa Wildlife Photographer blog. We left Monday and hooked up with Willard later that evening before heading out for a walk to one of the meadows. The weeks Elk viewing was not what any of us expected, but we still seen some Elk, whitetails and turkeys, took a few photographs and made some new friends.

This young bull was photographed right in town during one of the many rain storms, note the velvet still on his antlers. The young bulls still had velvet while the larger bulls had theirs all rubbed off. For some of my shots I am going to post the settings used to take the shots. When photographing wildlife lighting can sometimes be difficult causing the ISO to have to be increased. This shot was taken at 150 mm, ISO 500, 1/160 at f4. The weather was to warm and humid but we still made the best of it. We also ended up on an exciting adventure Thursday morning before leaving for home. I will post the whole story with many photos and if possible some video to go along with it. To tell the whole story it might take a weeks worth of post and I am sure Willard will be covering the same subject soon. If any of you have never been to his site you can find a link in the top of the links column on the left. Plan to spend some time there as his photographs are fantastic and his knowledge vast.

Can you imagine a wife that would allow her two men to go away and have fun over there 25TH wedding anniversary? I am a lucky man to have the best wife and best son a person could ask for.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you do have a very good woman as a wife. The wife that understands their man and what makes him happy allows them to be away over their wedding anniversary.


Michelle Johnson said...

i'm thinking the wife will have her day soon too. glad you had a great time. your photo is great. have a wonderful day.

Willard said...

I must say I was disappointed in the elk photography, but it was still a good trip. I really enjoyed getting to meet you and Shane.

I decided to go with my osprey encounter for my first post from the trip, but hope to get to the swing incident soon. I notice that Bob Shank has posted some excellent shots of it.