Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 25TH Anniversary Linda...

Happy 25TH anniversary Linda. Twenty-five years ago today Linda and I were married while a few of our friends watched in a small Church near Centerville. What a beginning we were both young with lousy jobs making very little money, Linda made mashed potatoes that could be put in a glass and drank with a straw. I could not even imagine 25 years later, at that age I don't think I was looking five years down the road. We made it and thanks to a smart wife we now have good jobs, most anything we want a great special son (I know his mom says so) and our looking forward to another 25 years. Linda I love you and thanks you for being the best wife there is.


Sparky said...

Congratulations you two.
And Linda way to go putting up with a man with the last name of Myers.

Woody said...

Congrats on 250 years of marriage(That's with the dog years added in)

Congrats on the anniversary my friend!

Michelle Johnson said...

Happy Anniversary~ You have a beautiful wife and handsome son. May your next 25yrs be as happy.

Kenny said...

Brad & Linda,
Congrats on 25 years.

Mrs. Salty said...

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary, Brad & Linda!

Anonymous said...

Brad and Linda,

Congradulations on your 25 years of marriage. May you have another 25 years of great bliss together.


Texas Travelers said...

happy 25th.

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