Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Under The Sea...

Don't you just feel like singing the song under the sea when you look at these photographs, Na! I don't either. In the first photograph the fish is called a Yellow Tang, unfortunately I do not know what the fish behind it is called. In the second photo I believe the school of fish are called Mackerel Scad. They would swim by and around you in large schools. If I incorrectly name the fish and anyone out there knows the correct name do not be afraid to chime in.

Another busy week in the Myers house except this week we are taking time for ourselves. Visiting my mother in Shippensburg, a trip to Wildwood Lake in hopes of getting some great bird photos, haircuts for both the men, racing at Williams Grove on Wednesday night and lots more work to do around the house. And our big event this week is Shane gets his braces on Wednesday, great now we will get stopped ever time he goes through a metal detector.


Sparky said...

Nice shots of the yellow tangs. When I had my salt water tank, I had yellow tangs. Nice fish. Looks like you really enjoy the vacation. Busy week for you.

Michelle Johnson said...

Hello Bradley~ Love those yellow tangs. In the second photo the school of mackrel look busy.

Hope you have a nice visit with your mother and get lots of bird pics at the lake.

Good luck Shane with getting your braces. We're in the process of getting my daughter braces too. We will be getting her molding done soon. Good Night~