Thursday, December 1, 2011

On High Alert!

It is funny I should use this as a title since that is what I am in every day of my life with this job.  The sad part my high alert is not from the bells sounding an alarm but from everything else in the city.  Enough said about that onto the subject at hand.

In August when Shane and I traveled to SNP to photograph the fawns and bucks in velvet we entered the meadow under the cover of darkness and waited for the sun to rise.  When the sun rose we were surrounded by 27 deer, seven of those being bucks.  We held our positions and enjoyed the morning photographing the deer.  An hour or so into it we noticed the bucks and does paying attention the the back part of the meadow.  Frequently tails would be raised along with the occasional snort and stomp.  We knew that the deer were alerting to danger and that it was not us.  We scanned the meadow for the danger for almost an hour and a half before the danger appeared.

For that you will need to tune into my next post.

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Sparky said...

That's not fair. I will be checking back tomorrow.