Friday, March 12, 2010

It Gets Hard To Find Titles Sometimes...

By now I guess you can tell that wildlife does not need to be a big bull or large rack buck for me to photograph or post it. I do this because I find the beauty in the animal and the joy of watching it. I have only been photographing wildlife the last five years but the last two years I have gotten pretty serious about it thanks to Willard and Coy Hill. Because of their blogs I have found new places to go and can't seem to get enough. By the way these were taken last month in Northern Pa.


HANNIBAL said...

I love the details in the first one, especially the snow!

Coy said...

Beautiful shots as always Brad. Can I ever relate to your title problem!

Sometimes I just sit and stare at the computer monitor with the photos already loaded and the post completed except for the title and nothing will come to mind.

I hope we can meet up for another shoot before too long, SNP was a fun day last fall.