Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 Days In Florida...

Hello everyone, it was back to work yesterday after 10 days in beautiful Florida. Like other times I go away, blog posts are uploaded and running as if I were home to not let people know I am away with an empty house. We had a great time watching baseball games, an air show, Andretti speed park, Merritt Island and lots of Viera wetlands for birding. While away I shot many gigs of photos and Shane shot a fair amount also.

As luck would have it I ran into fellow bloggers Klaus, Ken Conger and Tim Rucci. We got to photograph some birds together including a good session with a juvenile Crested Cara Cara, but more on that later. For today I am I posting a Green Heron that I spent time photographing. If you look close you will see his catch in his bill just before he ate it.

Just getting back I will need time this week to catch up on every ones blogs, while away the only time I spent with the laptop was to download the days memory cards. Since being back and talking with a few people and reading my comments I found that some of you noticed I was missing a few days post. I have noticed that views of my site have been going down the last four months and staying low. With that I just can't see posting everyday. I will probably continue to only post four days a week and maybe less. If I notice activity going back up I will increase the posts. I was lucky enough to get many good bird photos of different species some that were very exciting to me. I also got to photograph some alligators, snakes, turtles, wild bores and an armadillo so I will have plenty to last me for awhile. I do promise to mix things up so the non birders do not get bored.

By the way it is Tuesday so please visit Shane's blog for a new post today.


Sparky said...

Let's start out with I hope you enjoyed your trip, sounds like you did. I have noticed you have changed your header. I like the eagle. You know beening an eagle scout and a retired military man. Looking forward to the new post pictures from the trip. And to end this comment, what ever you plan to post and do with this site, I will also be out here watching. Keep up the good work.

Haney said...

Hey, nice green heron, Ifound mine along the Big Spring last summer. Also, Sunday would work for me for a Middle Creek run. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Love the Pictures! I recently cleaned out my office and found a check with your name on it! I'm so sorry I havent got ahold of you sooner! But I havent heard from u either! We need to get together! I need your address so I can send u the rest of ur money sir! Things have been so crazy, in and out of the hospital and working to much. So email me at shipjlg2000@yahoo.com thanks Jessica McAtee!

Tim Rucci said...

Hi Brad,
It was nice bumping into you as we photographed the juvenile caracara at Viera Wetlands this past week. It was a nice surprise meeting you then finding out you are a fellow blogger. Ironically, I am from Pennsylvania originally, and I envy the opportunities you have to photograph the elk herd.
I have been sifting through photos the last couple days from our trip around Florida, and I hope to post something later today. I will be back to check your blog in more detail after that task is behind me.

HANNIBAL said...

Well, I can't wait to see all the new creatures! I would love to go to Merritt some day...Went to Ding Darling last year, so must visit the other coast next time!

Oh, the panning with your new lens looks to be masterful! Nice work!

Woody said...


I'll echo with what everyone else has said. I make it a point to always check your site everyday. I even read your blog at work when we are slow.

Whatever you post, keep up the good work!

Willard said...

Beautiful photo today and I liked the flying shots too. I have problems shooting flying subjects, but you did well here. I didn't realize the Nikon 200-400 was so large until I saw Jim Borden's lens. They are impressive and look to be as big as the 500mmf4 which I have trouble hand-holding for any length of time.

It is good to hear that you ran into Tim, Ken, and Klaus. I hope to meet them too someday. I also hope to shoot with you again this year. I'm like Ken, I don't think you can go wrong with the Wimberly. Buckwheat tried mine, got one too, and is in love with it.