Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Cold Walk At Wildwood Lake...

Last month I decided to take a walk around Wildwood Lake in hopes of capturing some good winter bird photographs. The fact that I was the only one out freezing should have been an indicator that I belonged at home. The only thing I found to shoot was the Canada geese and this lone blue heron. It was a bright day and they were all back lit but I was freezing and not about to go home empty handed. When will spring arrive?


Sparky said...

31 days. Yes spring will be here 31 days. I bet we still have snow on the ground. Nice pictures.

Corker2 said...

I'm hoping for Spring to arrive here, also. Since I'm not that far from you, it will come at the same time for you. In looking over your Images, I find that you've done a real nice job with capturing Wildlife at it's best. I try to do the same thing.

Was also down there to the Conowingo Dam a few weeks back. Observed 5 or 7 of the Bald Eagles, but they were a bit out of range for my Camera Lens. Would just love to have one of those big Wildlife Lens, but on my limited budget I have to use what I have. I also watch and learn with Coy's Blog.

Stay well, down there. Work safe. Hope you don't have any real bad structure fires. I did.