Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bull 2D And A New Lens...

I have already filled you in on our trip north over Valentines Day so there is nothing more than to share a few photos taken on the trip. The first photo is of Shane photographing bull 2D from the pickup truck in the town of Benezette. After a quick lens change I was able to photograph the bull and Shane capturing the moment.

Speaking of a lens change shortly before this trip my wife was kind enough to allow me to get a loan for a new lens, the Nikon 200-400 VR F4. It was killing me to get out and use it and this trip was the first chance. Now for my critique on the lens, the first thing I learned when we encountered the herd of 75 or more was that I was to close to get full body shots. I had to keep backing up and finally settled for some close ups. I know it is hard to complain about being to close and I think that will be a very limited problem. The other thing is after shooting the 70-200 VR F2.8 for the last year I do not think the 200-400 is as tack sharp as that lens. It may just be in my head and not really true as with anything there is a learning curve. You be the judge of sharpness, yesterdays cows and last weeks bull were shot with the 200-400, today's were taken with the 18-135. I am looking forward to using the lens in the future photographing wildlife.

This from the PGC on the health of our elk. Samples taken from the 43 elk killed by hunters in the 2009 hunting season have all tested negative for chronic wasting disease CWD, according to Walt Cottrell, the Pennsylvania Game Commission's wildlife veterinarian. Samples also tested negative for brucellosis and tuberculosis. CWD, feared by game agencies because of its potential for devastating deer and elk populations, was first identified in 1967 in Colorado and has been confirmed in New York and Maryland, as well as in 11 other states and two Canadian provinces but not in Pennsylvania.


JimB said...


Good looking shots. By the way-I agree with you on the 200-400 versus the 70-200 and so does Nikon guru Thom Hogan. he has a lens review at

Keep up the good work!


Willard said...

Hi Brad,

I was curious as to what the new lens you were hinting about was. I could hardly wait to see. I hope it works out well for you. It certain did a good job on 2D.

Also those are dramatic shots of the sparrow in your most recent post.

Brad Myers said...

I checked out the site Jim, it is sharp up close, I am just spoiled by the 70-200.

Willard I did not use it on these two photos as we were to close for it. It was used for the bul last week and the two cows from the day before. Now to use in during the rut and for some SNP whitetail's.

bobshank said...

Brad, I've been contemplating the purchase of the 200-400mm VR Lens, too. I am eager to hear how you like it so far. Do you mind that it is a full stop slower than the 70-200mm Lens?