Friday, February 13, 2009

The German's Have Been Captured...

Okay I know this has been five days in a row for the WW2 Battle of the Buldge, but I promise it will be the last ones this week. You will see some more again, maybe not next week but again for sure. I thought I would end the week giving those of you that are not into history a little history on the battle. And for those of you that are into history just think of it as a little refresher class.

The Battle of the Bulge, popular name in World War II for the German counterattack in the Ardennes, Dec., 1944–Jan., 1945. It is also known as the Battle of the Ardennes. On Dec. 16, 1944, a strong German force, commanded by Marshal von Rundstedt, broke the thinly held American front in the Belgian Ardennes sector. Taking advantage of the foggy weather and of the total surprise of the Allies, the Germans penetrated deep into Belgium, creating a dent, or "bulge," in the Allied lines and threatening to break through to the N Belgian plain and seize Antwerp. An American force held out at Bastogne, even though surrounded and outnumbered. The U.S. 1st and 9th armies, temporarily under Field Marshal Montgomery, attacked the German salient from the north, while the U.S. 3d Army attacked it from the south. Improved flying weather (after Dec. 24) facilitated Allied counterattacks. By Jan. 16, 1945, the German forces were destroyed or routed, but not without some 77,000 Allied casualties.

Now time for a plug, if you have never watched Band Of Brothers it is without a doubt the best WW2 for the TV ever made, check it out.


Denise said...

Very interesting posts, great photos and awesome people shots. They are all excellent but the one of the young lady with the vintage poster in the background caught my eye. Couldn't say it was a favorite though because I had a hard time picking one, I enjoyed them all. The WWII era is something I am very interest in. I used to hear lots of stories about it from my Mom and Dad and I sometimes play a lot of the old WWII songs as I used to hear them as a child also. Have you ever been to any of the Civil War reenactments? I would love to see what you could do with those.

Sparky said...

Great pictures this week. Love the history lesson I'm getting. I would enjoy going to this next year. Hope I can remember, but you know what it is like getting old.

Ken Conger Photography said...

Great series of images Brad. Like the B&W ones especially. Blue Skies.

wefr15 said...

Keep posting away I really enjoy the historical shoots and you do a great job capturing tne moment. I wasn't going to comment about the women since historically there were no women (service members) at the Battle of the Buldge! Since I was not there but what I got from your write up they were trying to recreate WWII barracks life. Saying that I really liked the first shot because it looks like she is flirting with you with that "come hither look"! You could post every single picture you took and I would never tire of seeing them.

Cincy Bill

Leedra said...

They really get into it. I have never been to one, not being a war history buff. I am more into the wild, wild west, from a woman's view.

I really like the first photograph.

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