Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Alligator...

Another short one and then maybe I can catch up the rest of the week now that I am home with some Sky Watch Friday and my tribute to Elk number 6 now that I am home. Click him for a larger view.

This small American Alligator was photographed at the Viera Wetlands in Melbourne, Florida. I got down on my belly and got fairly close to him for the eye to eye shot. To learn more about the Gators follow this link More gator photos to come in the future.


kjpweb said...

Looks familiar! :)
Good one! Sure looking forward to more!
Cheers, Klaus

Willard said...

I have been following your historical series with interest. I enjoy those type of photos very much and you make them look so realistic.

As for your Florida photos, they are simply stunning.

Re: your comment on my blog-I intended to set up, but actually saw him while I was scouting the situation out and was able to take them all from the vehicle. The first two were with the extender at an estimated 75-100 yards.

On the following day a DWCO visited me and wanted to look at the area with a view toward dumping a road kill there to make the situation more enticing to the bird. We were driving down a field road and there he was in a tree along the stream. I shot a few shots, but there was brush in the road, he flew up the stream a bit and lit in a perfect spot. I was able to position the vehicle so that I was able to get out on the offside and get the last photo of him along with several more. I think this series proves that closer is better when all else is equal as one can get better sharpness under such situations.

fishing guy said...

Brad: Very cool capture, for some reason I can't see your SWF photo.

Salty said...

Wow, Eyeball to eyeball and that is one evil looking eye! In all my trips to FL I have yet to see a gator close up.

Tranquility said...

Oh my goodness. This would be a good time to have a telephoto lens! I sure hope you weren't as close to him as the the photo appears - although he rather passive... for the moment. ;0)
What a fun photo!

Leedra said...

You are not suppose to get that close. Me I stand back and use the big lens. I am not brave when it comes to the gators. I took lots of gator photos thru the Everglades last week, but from a distance.

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