Friday, June 10, 2011

Reading Air and WW 2 Weekend 2011...

Yes I know I have been missing in action the last couple of months. I am still working lots of overtime and now that we have sunny weather I have been riding the bike every chance I get. Shane finished the 9Th grade yesterday and is growing up fast.

Last tour I had my regularly scheduled vacation to attend the Reading Air and World War 2 show. Linda went along for the first time and she and I spent the weekend in a hotel room. Shane camped with the Thuderbirds, 45Th infantry from Friday morning until Sunday evening, I attended the show all three days while Linda spent Saturday shopping at the outlets.

Shane had a great time and it was obvious just to look at him, we also added many more items to his collection some that he will be using again this weekend at a living history display in York. For those of you that do not know Shane or do not recognize him since he is now bigger than me that is him second from the right in the first photograph, fourth from the left front row in the next, with his back to the camera in the third, and yep him passing the ball and on the far left with the carbine in the last photograph.

It was a great weekend and I finally got to use the camera and lens I purchased in February. Who would have thought I could buy a new body and lens and only shoot about 200 photos in three months before this trip. I more than made up for lost time with the camera. Now to see if I can get a few days south for the whitetails before the month is over.

UPDATE, there was five photos here but blogger does not want to cooperate. I can't seem to get the spacing down right and the harder I try the more it gets messed up.


Haney said...

Well, Hellooooooo! I would have liked to stop by but Chick got Shane's invitation too late, my weekend was shot already. Going to Reading would have involved a big part of the day. I was down here working around the Airport during this back in '07. Tell Shane we need more heads up next year. I'd love to go.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been to a few living history reenactments .. always a good time. What motorcycle do you ride? We ride a 2001 Kawasaki Nomad 1500cc.

Sparky said...

Nice to see you back on the blog. Shane looks like he had lots of fun. I know what you mean by being busy. Have a great summer.

Willard said...

I like how you photograph the re-enactments. The photos have such a historical look to them.

I have had problems with blogger lately too--hope they get the bugs ironed out and hope you can find time for some wildlife photography.