Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pre-Rut Whitetail Sparring...

Sorry I missed an extra day of posting on the site, I have been a little preoccupied lately. For those of you that live in my area and watch the news you will understand. Depending on my schedule with helping the union and trying to save jobs this may happen more frequently in the near future. I would like to elaborate more but I am scared my anger will take over and I will type something in that I regret.

Today's whitetail photo and video are from my pre-rut trip to SNP during the second week of October. I think I posted a video from this encounter earlier and I know I mentioned it. This was early morning when it was not light enough to capture good still of the action without raising the ISO higher than I like, but it was a good time for shooting video. The video is the first one I recorded from this experience, you will see four nice bucks in the group. There was one other buck and a number of doe's and first year deer in the herd. The still photo was one of the few that I captured that was worth posting.

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Sparky said...

Like the picture and the video. I completely understand what you mean, good luck with the union stuff.